ISO Consultants

Know the Roll of ISO Consultant

When an organization planning for a new ISO Certification, ISO 9001 or ISO 13485 or any other ISO Certification, the first question in front of the management is do we need an ISO Consultant? Or can we do it by ourselves? The answer depends on your organization and employees. If you are a large organization with employees having sufficient knowledge and expertise in quality management system you can develop a quality system suitable for your organization as per ISO standards without the help of external ISO Consultants.

If you are a small or medium organization, it is better to hire an external ISO consultant. Developing a new quality management system is not an easy task; it involves lot of documentation and need, knowledge, experience, and manpower. Most organizations do not wish to divert manpower to ISO documentation from their routine; instead they prefer to hire an ISO Consultants for ISO Documentation.

Selection of ISO Consultant

Developing a quality system as per ISO standard (ISO 9001 or ISO 13485) require frequent site visit and may take 3-6 months. To reduce the consultant travel and lodging expense, prefer a local ISO consultant. Make sure the consultant you selected have enough knowledge and experience in relevant ISO standard.

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