ISO 9001 Certification Cost

Organizations ready for their first ISO 9001 certification is always concerned about the cost of certification. It is good to get the cost involved in the certification process well advanced. ISO 9001 Certification Costs vary with different factors like:

  • Scope of ISO Certification
  • Organization size
  • Type of process
  • Type of products/services
  • Certification body selected

If you are a small organization with less than 15 employees and go with a medium-size certification body, the cost of ISO 9001 certification, including consultancy and certification, will be around USD 6500. If you choose a higher certification body, of course, the price will be higher.

How to Minimize the Cost of ISO 9001 Certification?

Before scheduling an ISO Certification audit, make sure you fully comply with ISO 9001 Quality system. A thorough internal audit will help you identify the non-conformities or deficiencies in the quality system. If you don’t have personnel with expertise in internal audit for the first time, you can hire third-party consultants as internal auditors.

Non-conformities in Internal Audit

Suppose any major non-conformity is found at the time of the audit. In that case, the certification body may suggest a second audit, leading to additional expenses. Hence, before scheduling the certification body audit, take corrective and preventive actions for the non-conformities observed in the internal audit.

Certification Body / Registrar Fees

Certification body fees and auditor expenses are major factors affecting the total cost of certification. Getting a quote from different certification bodies will help you compare the fees and auditor expenses.

ISO Surveillance Audit Cost

Generally, ISO 9001 certification is for three years, but there will be surveillance audits every year at the same time. The cost of a surveillance audit is always less than the initial audit, but you have to confirm it before signing a contract with the certification body.